Back from our first USA visit

Margaret and I just returned from our first trip to USA; I went over to work with Christian on PG Trionic’s future product, and Margaret then joined me so we could have a vacation together. We had these plans to visit all the famous American tourist destinations – Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, that sort of thing; but it turns out that USA is much bigger than we’d imagined!

We did manage to see Niagara Falls, and New York City; here’s a few¬†pictures from that trip:


JLG and the scissor vehicle

Our (future on this post, but past when I’m writing this entry) emigration to USA was created by PG Trionic’s development of a custom scissor vehicle controller for JLG. Today was my first visit to JLG, to see the machine and our controller installed on it. I’d spent the previous couple of days working with Christian in preparation for this visit.