Here is a Christmas collection of pictures including a decorative star in our house (which Bridgette loves to sit by and keep warm from all the bulbs in it), and more outside; and our Christmas tree:

Also many pictures of decorated houses around the area – I drove about to take lots of pics:


And here is Main Street in Gloucester, and the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree, erected each year by Jeff Worthley with support from the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce – some years I help too …


And finally, cool pictures of cool weather causing fog above the snow: rear window sticker

I finally got around to putting my “” sticker on the back window of GBMINI today … I put it up as high as possible to minimize the chance of it affecting the rear view – pretty happy with the results:

You can buy these stickers from MINI2 for less than $3; be warned however that I had to place three orders before I got mine – it seems that the English postal service does not want to ship MINI2 stickers to me!

GoMini issue 1

I received the first issue of go mini, a new British publication dedicated to the new MINI. It has a number of interesting articles, including modified MINIs, an interview with the famous (in England) Jeremy Clarkson, and a look at some seriously upgraded MINIs produced to promote audio/video products made by Pioneer – these pics are from the article “in the boot is our biggest subwoofer … 5000W … four amps running it! It’s very heavy and we had to uprate the suspension”


Until a US-based MINI-specific magazine appears, Go here to order a subscription to this magazine; the price is a reasonable £35 ($50-$60) for one year (six issues).