Happy Christmas!

Margaret has done a great job decorating the tree this year, with all the presents under the tree, ready for us to distribute and open!


Ians presents included Mini socks, a GBMINI jigsaw puzzle, “I Robot” DVD, the traditional Garfield desk calendar, and some books. Margaret got new slippers, English crumpets(!), christmas music CD, and books.
From Sheila & Paul we each got a remote control car (mine a MINI of course), so we can go racing in the spring.

Happy Christmas GBMINI

After the awful state GBMINI was in earlier this week, covered in salt, dirt and other yuk, I had my chance to wash it today – temperature (just) above freezing and no (more) rain for a day or so; as well as a wash for christmas, I recently installed Trico Innovision wiper blades that resists snow and ice clogging – last year I regularly had to twist the stock wiper blades to clear ice build-up in the framing; I hope this year that won’t be a problem.

So far, they performed perfectly in Mondays snow and Tuesdays cold, and did well in the recent rain; although they don’t seem to hold down to the glass quite as well as the stock blades, when travelling at speed. More testing needed!

GBMINI recently received two holiday cards – one from MaxaMINI and one from Eric & Dee:

Eric & Dees gift is a “GBMINI” window decal, which I have not yet decided where to stick – it seems they very generously gave similar gifts to many CooperSpeed members – thanks guys!
MaxaMINI cut out a GBMINI pic from one of my “business” cards, and stuck it to a picture from a theater playbill; very cute – thanks Max!

And with that, I wish Happy Christmas to all MINIs and their owners 🙂