Christmas 2005

Christmas in USA is a quiet time, with all our family still in England.
On Christmas eve we enjoy our invitation to share time & food with our neighbours Joanne & Earle and their family and friends – it’s always a big gathering, with lots of excellent food (especially the meatballs!).
This year we also had a “Yankee Swap”: everyone brings an inexpensive wrapped gift, then one by one you choose and open a package then decide either to keep the gift or swap it for someone elses opened gift – the best gifts get swapped many times! Of course the first person to open a gift has no choice, so at the end they can choose to swap with ANY other gift (Earle was first, and did not exercise this option).

On Christmas day morning we shared time with Pat & Dave and some of their family (many of their family are spread around USA – some as far from them as England is from us!).
Pat & Dave have a quiet christmas day with light snacks but a lovely warm “wood stove” fire (burning pellets, not wood).

Eventually in the afternoon Margaret & I opened our gifts, which included some DVDs and Tshirts … and some winter (rubber) floor mats for Margarets Audi!

MINI artwork

Thanks to a Mini owning friend (thanks Dave!) in NEMO, I learned of some really cool MINI+Mini artworks being sold on eBay … I contacted the seller, auto-artist, and he was kind enough to agree to customize the artwork to my specifications – and look at the result:

David / auto-artist customized the roof & bonnet stripes color to match GBMINI, and also replaced the license plate – the result is really excellent and I need to find a good frame for it … I totally recommend these artworks, and the price is almost a steal!

(in case you are wondering, my scanner clipped the bottom of the image – the Mini does have a roof!)

MINIsOnTop proclamation

For the very first MINIsOnTop back in 2003, a small “coup” was a proclamation from the then Governor of New Hampshire, Craig Benson, declaring June 21, 2003 “MINI Cooper Day”.

This has since become a tradition, with the date each year declared “MINI Cooper Day” in New Hampshire – this year was no exception.┬áIt was decided this year to present the proclamation to MINI USA, so first each of the “yellow shirt” volunteers wrote a small note to accompany it:

(including one of the last messages from MaxaMINI)

The proclamation was (eventually) fully signed and delivered to MINI USA – and much appreciated:
Gerry Matthews and Jim McDowell, loved the Proclamation. They showed it to Tom Purves [chairman and CEO of BMW (US) Holding Corp] who is having it framed and hung in the Executive Dining Room …

All of this to say:
MINIsOnTop will happen again in (mid June) 2006! If you are interested, join in the chat on MINI2.