MTTS day 1 – Beach party then South on California Highway 1

The MINI Takes The States beach party kicked off MTTS this morning, followed by 5-6 hours drive south, much of it on fabulous twisty California Highway 1:


A few extra GPMINI specific pictures on  California Route One – including GP0203 reaching 0203 miles!


A couple of minor issues on the day – I don’t like sand so I’d have preferred a pebble beach! The for sale merchandise was apparently more popular than MINI anticipated, with long queues as a result – and it closed during the speeches leaving people that had queued a long time with nothing! Hopefully MINI will put more staff on later legs …

Also, many MINIs arrived well before any of the organisation staff, and were lost trying to find the non-yet-existing meeting place! I think they need to send a car ahead of the pack.


3 thoughts on “MTTS day 1 – Beach party then South on California Highway 1

  1. Gee, Ian! Sounds like the event could use some MINIs on Top style logistics planning, eh what?

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