Epcot and Magic Kingdom

As well as looking at property to buy during our recent trip to Florida, we still found time to visit Epcot and Magic Kingdom – but so did the rest of the world, apparently!

Epcot is as fabulous as ever; the updated “The Seas” now features Nemo and friends from the animated movie – these gulls cheerfully call “Mine” πŸ™‚

Our trip to Magic Kingdom was the only day when the weather wasn’t perfect, sunny and 80s – instead it rained on and off throughout the day and evening (but it was still about 70!) … being New Years Eve, it was probably the busiest day of the year for the park!Β There were long queues everywhere – some rides had queues of more than 1-1/2 hours – we chose to do things that didn’t involve so much queueing, like riding the railroad.
We did get a “fast pass” for Splash Mountain – we spent a couple of hours elsewhere in the park till our fast pass time came, but that shortened the actual queueing time to maybe 15 minutes …


We watched a (wet) parade, Mickey’s Once Upon A ChristmasTime Parade:


We also stayed for the 8pm fireworks (no pics of them due to camera limitations) … afterwards, we joined many others exiting the park (but even more people stayed till 2am, through the second (New Years) fireworks) …


Winter Summer Land

Margaret and I are spending time between Christmas and New Years down in Florida, near Walt Disney World. A lot of time is being spent driving around … but this afternoon we had time to play Mini Golf, and I took Margaret to Disney’s Winter Summer Land (that I’d seen when here for Mickey & MINI)
There are two identical “course” layouts, one themed in summertime, and one in winter – of course, playing the winter course with mock snow & ice, when it’s hot hot hot, is the better choice πŸ™‚


The 2008 NorthAmericanMotoring calendar

Did you get yours yet?

Another fine calendar, although unlike last year I didn’t recognize any cars πŸ˜‰

As well as the June picture above (and note the list of events on the right!), other great pics include January (view from inside a MINI on the track), September (trees & MINI) and December (snowed MINI badge).
Thanks, NorthAmericanMotoring (head over to their store if you want to order one)

R56 storage

We all know our MINIs are small, so it’s hard to find places to store things … given that, you wonder why the R56 designers decided to make it HARDER! Maybe they’re hoping to trigger sales of the forthcoming Clubman πŸ˜‰
So while the cupholders grew in size, the door pockets shrunk dramatically – and are harder to access due to the tiny gap between door panel and armrest/handle; more frustrating is the shrunken glove box – it’s apparently been designed to hold the MINI manuals, and nothing else!


I tried a couple of aftermarket glove box organizer “solutions” – many thanks Peter at MinSpeed – but really there’s no great solution, the R56 glove box simply isn’t suited as well as our favorite R50/53 GBO. Anyway, this is how GBMINI#5’s glovebox looks at present:

This shelf is sturdy and looks practical, but there’s no way to attach it to the glove box – it sits loose, resting on the MINI manuals. Maybe it’s because GBMINI#5 has so many manuals (with navigation, iPod, etc) … or maybe the designers simply forgot that people have stuff, even when they drive a MINI πŸ™‚