The end of a year with two houses

Tonight, Margaret & I are enjoying another trip down to Florida, comfortable in our second home after sunbathing in mid 70s by the pool outside …
Meanwhile, back home there’s another snow storm! Joanne (next door neighbour) took this picture and emailed it down to us; the closest we have come to snow, is some white snow-like foam being sprayed on the road at Celebration, in preparation for their New Years Eve celebrations …

Moving Margaret&Ian

Over the last few weeks I’ve regularly noticed how slow this MargaretAndIan is, and I finally decided to do something about it.
I researched many web hosting companies online, and found a new one that is inexpensive, and provided excellent and quick responses to my questions! They also report and update any issues they have (which many companies don’t do, or do very poorly).
So, MargaretAndIan is now hosted on GeekStorage – and I’m impressed so far with how easy the move was, and how much quicker it runs.
I might not have got everything moved over yet, so if anything doesn’t work properly, please let me know, by commenting here …

The first real snow of 2008, part 2

As expected, the second significant snow is leaving it’s mark – heavier, wetter, and more snow than yesterday! And of course, the cars are once again in need of digging out. Notice too how the street plows have left a line of deep, heavy, wet snow in front of the cars – we have to dig all that away …

In the back garden, the sun furniture on the deck is buried by snow, and it’s hard to recognize the plants and pond deck underneath!

The first real snow of 2008

Now, we’ve had a “proper” snow storm, dropping 6″-8″ on the ground and requiring real effort to clear the cars … I took these pictures yesterday, and while I’m writing this another snow storm is getting serious, so we’ll be digging out again tonight!

Lots of wind yesterday so the roof looks deceptively clear; but here’s our cars, before & after digging out – the pile of moved snow tells the truth!


The first real snow of 2008

A snow storm which made it’s way across the whole country (and shut down Las Vegas!) arrived here Friday afternoon and snowed through Saturday – in fact it never completely stopped falling here in Gloucester, and now another snow storm is dropping what looks like LOTS more!
But yesterday morning, Margaret & I dug out the cars from 6″-8″ of snow, which had drifted interestingly around the cars to create a sharp-edged profile for GBMINI#6 (maybe this is what the MINI SUV will look like!) …

Of course with the snow falling as it is right now, our cars will need digging out again tonight!

UPDATE: GBMINI#6 after more snow: