After the first storm of 2010/11

Overnight the wind blew strong and the snow kept coming down – I measure a total of 12″-14″ but drifting deeper or less all over the place! The problem is that overnight snow was wet and heavy, dragging down many branches (which is what caused our 16 hour power outage, of course!)
Here for instance; a bush normally stands tall and tight but now it’s half the height; elsewhere in the garden, the conifer branches all droop precariously, and in the front one branch threatens wires:

It took me more than an hour this morning to clear paths from the front door, and dig out the Audi (Margaret’s BMW is still on summer tires so no point digging that out yet). Once dug out though, the roads were basically passable, much better than Newcastle a month ago!

Maybe 8″ of snow now …

Last trip outside tonight; had to push the door open against the blown snow against it. Went out to clear the satellite dish (no TV due to snow on it), then took a couple pictures – I’d guess there’s probably 8″ of snow, though it’s very up and down due to the strong winds blowing it all around!

While the snow blows and piles up around the cars and house, the plows have been by regularly and our road is clear almost to asphalt! So travel at least in Gloucester would be no problem …

We’ll see how much worse it gets overnight, though the temperature now is up to 34f and it feels like it’s beginning to change to rain. Oh – and power has flickered twice recently … so maybe no update tomorrow morning!

Clangers, Mugs!

It seems there was a bit of a theme for Christmas this year – accidental but curious anyway; we received mugs from my Dad and from Kate & Chris; and Margaret got me a Dr Who Tardis mug too!
We also got TALKING Clangers from Kate & Chris, which immediately prompted a successful Google TV search to bring the Clangers on screen 🙂

With Margaret and I both still sick with ?flu?, Christmas this year has been quiet – TV all day, and pie & mash for dinner!

(and if you don’t know The Clangers … as they say “you haven’t lived”!)