New Years Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

We planned to go late to Magic Kingdom, to catch the midnight fireworks – previously we’ve gone earlier in the day and not made it to midnight! But driving through Walt Disney World we saw signs saying the Magic Kingdom was closed! Turns out it was VERY VERY full of people, but by the time we got there about 9:30, some folks (like us previously) had left, and so we got in.

Everywhere through Main St and around Cinderella Castle, people were stopped and already waiting for the show more than two hours away! Temporary one-way routes through the park eventually got us to Frontierland, and we did get on rides easily enough – must be the shortest queues on the busiest night of the year!

We finally arrived behind Cinderella Castle near Disney Philharmagic, expecting to see partial views of the fireworks; however we discovered the special New Years show is a “360 degree” event with fireworks in front, behind and to the side! It was all quite fabulous, and my phone camera does a poor job of sharing it with you …


Perhaps a video better captures the event, and shows just how surrounded by fireworks we really were!

Back to 8002

After a 7 hour trip door to door, Margaret and I and Chloe(!) arrived safely at 8002 last night. Chloe meowed during the drive to the airport, once we were on the plane she was quiet – though no doubt quite scared! A half hour incoming plane delay meant that we didn’t reach 8002 till after 1am, and Chloe then spent quite a while alternately exploring the new house, or hiding under beds etc!

The house is still Christmas-decorated from when Joanne and Earle were here a couple weeks ago. In the days ahead, I’ll start setting up the fourth bedroom as a second office, I’ve got some equipment here already!

The experiment begins!

Remembering Keith

My Uncle Keith passed away Christmas night, after struggling with his health this year, and spending months in hospital. This is Keith a few years ago, when he was still well (on the right):

Keith never had use of his legs but lived a full and largely unhindered life in his wheelchair or crutches; he was a huge part of our family life growing up, as my Mum had to work many jobs to make ends meet bringing up four children alone, and Keith was a regular babysitter for us.
Our summer holidays also were spent with my Mums family including Keith, and there are many memories from those days, including the famous “wheel fell off” incident during a south coast summer.

Keith also introduced me to electronics, encouraging me to learn more and being involved in the first microcomputer kit I ever built – so I think he had a great responsibility for the life I have today!

Thank you for everything, Keith …