Christmas by the pool

It’s another sunny and warm day! So a photo opportunity for presents by the pool – they include lovely Wimbledon towels from Kate & Chris, reminders of our summer trip for the Olympics; “day-of-week” socks from Dad & Valerie to help me remember(!); the complete BBC Olympics Blu-ray set from us to us, and a super “Owlquin” cushion from Pat – it’s really a Penguin, but when I first saw it, I thought it was an Owl (apparently the big eyes win over the obvious black & white coloring!)

And indoors, Christmas cards on the table:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The first Gecko of winter

It didn’t take Chloe long this time, to catch her first Gecko! It seems that she’s remembered all about 8002, from when she was here at the beginning of the year … she’s surprisingly skilled at catching animals alive, and this Gecko was no exception; it gave Chloe a good runaround, and finally got smart enough to head up the wall! Of course, a Gecko can climb much higher than Chloe can reach:

After this, I caught the Gecko and put it over the fence; Chloe didn’t seem too upset …