Today’s visit to our new home at Independence (in some serious rain) allowed us for the first time to really see the shapes and sizes of rooms, as the sheetrock has now been hung – and loads of sheetrock trash is piled up outside!


So next, inside, is a plaster skim coat, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets!

Lake Louisa again

A beautiful day for a walk, with clear blue sky and temperatures in the low 70s, so we returned to Lake Louisa State Park; we first visited the main lake, noticing loads of yellow pollen on the edge! Maybe an indication that winter won’t be very cold, if the trees believe it’s ok to start flowering …

We then chose to walk out to Dude Lake (perhaps three miles total loop), enjoying the views and sunshine; in one part of the walk there was clear evidence of a brush fire, interesting to see how different plants are recovering in different stages: