Lake Apopka North Shore Drive

Margaret drove us today to look for alligators along the Lake Apopka North Shore Drive; the vehicle accessible part is a one way semi dirt road, along the edge of Lake Apopka where farmland has been eliminated to help with recovering the lake to be less polluted Рand thus creating a nice wildlife area. Although we were looking for alligators, our first wildlife was a snake on the side of the road!

And then, in the distance, our first alligator spotting (the line in the middle of the lake)!

Our next sighting was much more impressive; an alligator laying out on a log!

A few other alligator sightings, not quite as clear …


It wasn’t all alligators; there were many birds of different sorts, and I took only a few pictures of them:

10,000 black miles

It’s taken a long time, more than 1-1/2 years, to get to 10,000 miles in Black Knight, but it happened today.

Working from home means lots less driving, and being unable to sit in the car for a few months last year (and missing MINI Takes The States) also resulted in lower mileage – but at least I got there before I finish owning this car!