Christmas Eve ‘Gators

The Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive has been closed since Hurricane Irma because of dramatically raised water levels, washed out roads … but they’ve managed to open most of it now and we took a drive there this morning, looking for Alligators. Almost immediately we saw a cluster of cars stopped – and spotted what they’d seen, an impressive at least 12′ ‘Gator on the far bank!

After photographs, we continued the drive and paid attention to the lovely scenery, and many birds, for a while …

The Cormorant with the catfish was amusing – it didn’t appear to have any idea what to do next with it’s catch!

Throughout our drive, we kept spotting more ‘Gators – see if you can spot them in the overview picture I’ve included with some of the close-ups:


Happy Christmas, Everyone!

It’s beginning to look a lot like a home …

From the outside at least, our new home now has painted walls, completed stonework, driveway, and going in today plants and grass to finish the front view!

As you can see, the roof still isn’t ready – and inside while the walls have been painted and the interior doors installed, there’s no kitchen (cabinets, countertops, appliances), no bathrooms (cabinets, plumbing fixtures, tiling), no flooring, no electrical fittings, no … the list is quite long!


Covering the walls at Stanton Estates

Over the last week there’s been more progress at our new home – the walls have been “covered” both outside and inside! Outside there’s now stucco on all the walls, and inside (finishing off when we visited today) there’s sheetrock / drywall that makes it easy to see the sizes of rooms – no more peering through the framing!

Also today, the travertine tiles were being laid around the pool.

What’s left? Outside, the roof tiles need to be placed, then it’s mostly just painting – and stonework at the front. Of course there’s also all the landscaping. Indoors, the list is much longer, with tiling the bathrooms, installing cabinets especially in the kitchen; flooring, painting, and so much more …


Sunset by Nikon

Another lovely sunset view tonight; I quickly took a picture with my always ready iPhone, but then also got my Nikon and took a photo with that – comparing them revealed just how much the iPhone still needs to improve, in low light!

Here’s the Nikon photo (click for bigger version):


And here as a comparison, the iPhone image:


Winter Garden tree lighting 2017

For downtown tree lighting this year, we parked where we will one day live, at Stanton Estates, and walked into town; good dinner at Tasting Room then joined the many other people for the countdown to tree lighting – and watched the City Hall video projection for a while too. I made a short Apple Memories video:

If you prefer photos, here’s a selection: