Back to Bok Tower

Today we returned to Bok Tower Gardens (about an hour south) and were lucky with the weather being dry and warmer than predicted, allowing us to enjoy beautiful walks – and take lots of photos of course!

Of course there’s also a (bell) tower, as well as a building – we can’t enter either, but we can admire them from a distance …

That final landscape view is from the house – pretty nice!

Fenced in – and out

This summer Margaret has been doing lots of garden work and one project was to create a bigger planting space in the back. To do this, she also decided to get the back garden fully fenced in (till now, just the rear fence existed as the perimeter of the development).

Getting HOA and city approval all took a while, but recently the fence got installed – and we even had a gate put in to the rear fence!

When we moved to Stanton Estates there was a rear gate for the community to easily leave from the “bottom” (opposite to the main driving entrance) but difficult neighbors forced it to be removed, so now at least Margaret and I can again say “hi” to the people that live behind us!

Halloween 2020

This year has been “unusual” and that in turn impacted Halloween with the city canceling the normal downtown gatherings – and on the night very few people doing the door-to-door candy collecting!

But Winter Garden did do a great job decorating downtown; here’s some photos:

We put some Halloween themed wreaths on the front doors, and on the night we took a walk round to see neighbors displays, and greeted those that visited us with distant candy in “safe” cups …

Later we walked into town to watch the Halloween projection on City Hall; there were quite a few people there, but lots of space to stand apart …

I took video, too: