More like de-hosed actually …
For a while now, the passenger side washer jet on GBMINI#6 has not been working. I assumed it was due to the cold weather – although the car has heated washer jets, I figured maybe one heater was broken, and hoped to find time to visit MINI of Peabody one day (it’s been ages!)

Well yesterday was up to 40, and today we got to 50; but still the washer jet wasn’t working, so I decided to see if there were any kinked hoses.
When I opened the hood, I noticed a puddle of greenish fluid collected around the passenger side suspension strut! Looks like washer fluid, I thought – and proceeded to unscrew/unclip the sound deadening sheet from the underside of the hood. And there, I found a loose hose from the washer jet:

Once found, it was easy to re-attach, and hey presto I have two washer jets again! This must be the first ever MINI repair that I’ve done for myself 😉