The first real snow of 2008

A snow storm which made it’s way across the whole country (and shut down Las Vegas!) arrived here Friday afternoon and snowed through Saturday – in fact it never completely stopped falling here in Gloucester, and now another snow storm is dropping what looks like LOTS more!
But yesterday morning, Margaret & I dug out the cars from 6″-8″ of snow, which had drifted interestingly around the cars to create a sharp-edged profile for GBMINI#6 (maybe this is what the MINI SUV will look like!) …

Of course with the snow falling as it is right now, our cars will need digging out again tonight!

UPDATE: GBMINI#6 after more snow:

Turning off that light!

For the third time in the last couple of weeks, since it got cool, GBMINI#6’s flat tire warning light is on …

Apparently my right rear tire has a slow leak – each time, it’s down to 20psi or lower, while the other tires are holding pressure at 32+ … so it’s off to MINI Peabody tomorrow to get it sorted.

Meanwhile, it’s infuriating trying to clear the light after putting air back in the tire …
Start engine, press button, drive off – no, that doesn’t work.
Press button while driving – no …
Drive, stop, press button, drive more – no …
Press and hold button, no …

Finally, desparately, consult the owners manual:
“… start the engine but do not start driving [yup, did that] … press the button long enough for the indicator lamp to light up for a few seconds [but it’s on already!] … drive off …”

So, how long is “long enough” when you can’t see the light come on because it’s on already [clever design – not!] … answer, who knows!
With this information, I started the engine and pressed the button for a VERY LONG TIME – maybe 10s – then drove off; and the light turned off after a few seconds! Finally.

So GBMINI#6 spent a few hours at MINI of Peabody today, and I spent $260 – it was a nail in the tire, as expected:


Heading to the North Shore Mall for lunch this past weekend, we noticed a JLG electric boom lift vehicle parked (the mall is doing a lot of construction!) … this vehicle is one of the machines equipped with my company‘s control systems, and there happened to be a nice parking space right next to it, so I had to take pictures!

As you can see, the vehicle is even smaller than a MINI – although it has a higher reach 🙂
And the MINI goes faster (maximum boom vehicle speed is about 3mph, limited by our controls!)