Welcome (back) to MINI

Surprisingly, I discovered this weekend that MINI USA still send out welcome kits, quite differently packaged to what I’ve received previously; the interesting package design is intended to be re-usable, with instructions to turn it inside out and use it as a bag:

Contents include the usual MINI pen and notebook, also a quite nice MINI flash drive and of course a copy of MINI International; also included are “adverts” for MINI insurance, MINI Performance Motoring School, MINI Financial (but I’ve already bought the car so can’t understand this one!), a Name Your MINI sticker, a quite fun 101 Fundamentals of Good Motoring booklet, and of course the Welcome Letter (sadly no longer from Jim McDowell).

Nice job, MINI USA – a good reminder of why I’m driving a MINI again.

New “puddle lights”

The first mod for Black Knight! A bit of an easy one – actually really easy, just a few seconds to pull out the stock lamp on the bottom of each door, and connect the replacement.

There’s been a lot of discussion about these on the MINI Countryman facebook group recently, and I ordered mine from Way Motor Works – delivered in just a few days, great quality; I liked the fact that they are labeled “L”/”R” for the doors, and I like the subtle mod result.

Tire cradles

After having to buy a set of tires for GPMINI due to the flatspot-caused rumbling, I finally spent the $$$ (less than a set of tires!) to get a set of tire cradles recommended by George. They are a very soft rubbery material, so that presumably they give way instead of the tires!

Easy to use, just stop a little short of where you want to park, place the tire cradles in front of each tire, and drive forward on to them! Hopefully they will save me from another batch of noisy runflats …

My Geek Odyssey

During MINI Takes The States 2010 there were some fabulous themed comic strips created over at My Geek Odyssey, featured by MINI Takes The States … After the event the original artworks were given to Ryans MINI Adventure and auctioned to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I bid for a few of the artworks and was lucky enough to get this one:

A very nice collectible – and a good cause too!

UPDATE: The artist, Bruce, very kindly sent me a high resolution version of the complete colored comic published by MINI Takes The States – thanks!