Margaret & Ian Cull were both born in 1962; we first met at Newcastle University in 1981 and after a complicated series of events we got married in 1991, while living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England:

In 1996, we emigrated to USA, supported by Ian’s work at PG Trionic, culminating in obtaining our “Green Cards” in 2000 (Margaret has since become an American citizen and Ian too).

We spent our first 17 years living in Gloucester, Massachusetts – a little two bedroom “ranch style” (or “bungalow” for English people!), which we did make bigger after a few years.

In 2008, we purchased a second home in Florida, near the Walt Disney World parks. After spending a few winters in Florida to avoid the extreme cold and excessive snow in Massachusetts, in August 2013 we sold our Gloucester home and moved permanently to Florida, with Ian still working for PG Trionic but now from a home-based office.

We’ve since purchased and moved in to our new huge(!) home near Winter Garden, added a pool & screened deck, and are enjoying our beautiful new location!

UPDATE: We moved again, still in Winter Garden, to be closer to the town center (read the “Stanton” category for more details!)


UPDATE: this website is now combined with Ian’s GBMINI site which covers the MINI Coopers he’s owned and the events he’s done with those cars.

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