X3 car wash

For the first time, I’ve washed my X3 M40i! I’ve had it washed by the dealership during service, and one time by a local car wash company, and with our garage and the fact that I have no commute (and no winter snow!) it doesn’t get so dirty … but today I did it myself. Nearly four years old, still less than 20,000 miles, and still looking good when clean:

Still hard to photograph, too!

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My X3 is finally back!

Back in April I had the second annual service booked on my car – and the dealership found axle damage that prevented them allowing me to drive it till it was resolved. That wouldn’t be such an issue were it not for the pandemic, which meant spare parts were unavailable!

Worse, when the dealership did eventually get a replacement right rear axle shaft, they determined that in fact both rear axle shafts have to be replaced – so another six week wait to get hold of a second part (a big shame here they weren’t ahead of the game with ordering!)

But finally this week, after involving higher management, the parts arrived and have been fitted, the car has been fully detailed – and what’s more the steering wheel vibration annoyance I’ve had since day one, has been resolved.

While the loaner X3 was fine, it is very nice to have my own car back, with it’s very potent engine, head-up display, etc …

Now back home in our garage …



A white X3

My BMW X3M went for it’s second annual service last week, and the BMW dealership has decided that it’s not safe to drive any more! They are concerned about a “wobble” in the right rear axle shaft – it’s not much but I could see the difference between the right and left …

So for now, I’m driving a loaner X3. It’s not got the wonderful M engine, and it’s missing much of the high-end technology of my own car … no head-up display, no active driving assistant (no detection of vehicles in adjacent lanes), no upgraded stereo … and the steering wheel is curiously light (maybe another difference that the X3M has?)

But it’s comfortable enough and gives me my own transport without needing Margaret to take me everywhere. Who knows how long it’s going to be with me!


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