MTTSphotos (Newscast) was the official photographers of MINI Takes The States and they took some great pictures!
I ordered a pile of (mostly) GPMINI related pics – here’s some of them:

(copyright 2006 Newcast)

If you drove all or part of MTTS you might be included in some of the many pictures they took – head over to MTTSphotos and have a look!

(photos scanned / shown here with kind permission of Jim Sulley from Newscast)

Zoom Zoom, GPMINI

Many thanks to Dave Newman – he writes:
We met at the Memphis stop of MTTS and we were just ahead of you in Clarksville when we stopped at a parts store to pick up some bulbs for Joel Sandler’s foglights. I snapped this pic of what appears to be your GP. I can’t make out the plate for sure, but it looks like yours. Enjoy!

I absolutely LOVE this picture … And it is GPMINI – you can see the Westin Las Vegas duck that George “borrowed” and gave to me 🙂

MTTS – States Taken

The MINI Takes The States website has now been updated with final write-ups of every day and photo collections … Go there and have a look through the photos, if you were on the trip – maybe you’ll find yourself! Here is GPMINI in the pack leaving Sandia MINI at Alberquerque, and a great picture from the St Louis arch looking down on MINIs, with GPMINI and Quack Quack Jack in the middle!

I’ll definitely be heading over to MTTSphotos tomorrow to lay down some cash and buy some of these great pictures 🙂
UPDATE: $285 order placed for photos!

MTTS Lime Rock Track – video

Here is video of driving the track at Lime Rock – once again many thanks to George (GP #0154) following me.

This video is from the start of the second lap to part way through the third; we were allowed to reach speeds of 50-55 mph, a bit slow on the straight but quite fast enough to be fun on the curves!

WARNING: BIG 29MB file! Over 2 minutes long