British Invasion 2007

British Invasion 2007 returned to the “old field” this year, and so returned to the ludicrous mud field conditions that we suffered in 2005; I realize the field doesn’t actually create the weather, but it’s still not fun when the field looks like this as you arrive on Saturday morning:

Maybe an asphalt parking lot would be better! At least a clean GPMINI wouldn’t get turned into an off-roader:

Anyway, even in the wet & mud, it was a fun day due to having Margaret, lots of MINIs and lots of MINI friends ­čÖé



Five MINIs on Jason’s drive (with him leading in his brand new ’07) – we even were joined by a Red Bull MINI for a short time:


Better weather on Sunday:

(previous years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002)

Big Rocks

Near the British Invasion field in Stowe, VT is Smugglers Notch; a twisty road winds up into hills and gets very narrow through some huge boulders … back in 2002 I drove there in my first MINI and took a picture of the car in front of a rock which made it look like a toy!
Finally this year I remembered to repeat the picture, this time with GPMINI:

Here’s the original picture I took, back in 2002:


Unfortunately on my way home from British Invasion, I had an encounter with another rock, not so big but big enough to do this to the windshield:

(since GPMINI doesn’t have rain sensing wipers, maybe I’ll try PPG glass this time …)

British Invasion 2006

This years British Invasion was blessed with a dry field (thanks to relocating) and good weather! And I was “blessed” with a second first place win, this year for GPMINI instead of GBMINI:

Competition this year was generally un-modified MINIs in class 11; many other British cars on the field too – apparently their best attendance ever at over 600! Loads of different marques, ages, etc:

British Invasion always spills over into Sunday with the Competition Of Colors, and┬ámore “fun” – again this year a “backseat driver” competition where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger calls out directions …

New for this year was the “Rats Cage” competition – an octagon cage where the car has to be driven in forward, turned around without touching the cage, and driven out; small cars had an advantage but Jason couldn’t quite succeed in his MINI:

This classic Mini managed the course in about 1-1/2 minutes and showed everyone that it could be done – and more importantly how it could be done). After┬áthat times got better and better, eventually down to 20s, though the┬álonger sports car couldn’t do it, running out of time at 5 minutes:

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Jason has posted pics over on Flickr

Jasons Drive 2005

A “tradition” at the end of British Invasion (see also 2003 and 2004) is to follow Jason around as he leads a groups of MINIs around the back roads of Vermont – he lives locally and knows the roads well!
This year only three MINIs joined in, perhaps due to the damp weather – but we still had fun and got in a couple of photo ops; the weather made the winding downhill section particularly challenging – I was very glad to follow Jason, knowing that he knew the road well …


British Invasion 2005

Another year, another trip to Stowe for British Invasion (see also 2003 and 2004)

Once again, a serious amount of rain made the show field very muddy, and I think many cars were put off – the attendance looked down from previous years, and modern MINIs counted more than classics this year, for the first time (14 moderns, 11 classics):


Many other British cars too, old & new, including a handful of $$$$$ Astons – all owned by the same guy (that’s just showing off)!

I was thrilled this year to get first prize in the peoples choice – what’s more, the prize plaque was the correct color for GBMINI#3; a┬áreally nice Mini pickup, owned by Shannon, got first in the classic Mini section:


On the Sunday, more overnight rain caused the “backseat driver” event to be cancelled. There were a few “tailgate picnic” entrants and a reasonable turnout for the “parade of colors” displays, but many people had headed home. But one┬áMini / MINI pair had accidentally posed for me:

British Invasion 2004

Back from my third British Invasion (the first year I just visited, and last year I was there with Jason & Keith).
For this years visit a MINI2 thread got Jason (again) along with Gavin, Ricardo and Rich – and some MINI owners I have not met before including another Jason with an unusual VR MCS!
While it rained heavily in Massachusetts, we stayed dry – an overnight shower left us with clearing skies and eventual sun! This year the new MINIs were recognized as a separate class to the classics; we had 10 including a convertible and a late arrival from Hrach – the convertible drew the lions share of attention – most people have not seen one up close – and it also drew first place in the “peoples choice” awards!

GBMINI came away with second place, and the “VR MCS” got third place – no doubt due to the sun reflecting on its roof.┬áAs well as the new MINIs, there were many classic Minis and other British cars.
After the MINI awards, Jason again led us on a local drive, including Smugglers Notch and a couple of photo-ops:

Sunday morning is much less formal, with cars parked by color instead of class, and events including driving a figure 8 course with the driver blindfolded(!), and the tailgate picnic competition – my absolute favourite was Nightmare Before Christmas:

If you love British cars, MINIs or otherwise, put next years British Invasion on your calendar!
Thanks again to Jason for leading us on the run, and to all my MINI owning friends for a great day ­čÖé