Eagles and Gators at Oakland Nature Preserve

We enjoy visiting Oakland Nature Preserve with its boardwalk through “wild Florida swamp” to Lake Apopka; we also enjoy visiting The Avian Reconditioning Center where Owls, Eagles, and other birds of prey are looked after either to release back to the wild after injury, or permanently kept if they are not well enough to survive in the wild.

This past weekend, ARC visited Oakland and we got to see both at the same time! First a presentation from ARC including a Barred Owl, Swallowtail Kite, Osprey, and Bald Eagle:


Later, we took the boardwalk down to Lake Apopka – and spotted six young / small alligators in the swamp either side – very cute!


England 2018: Touring London

Like on our previous England trip, we spent a few days in London – it’s a great city to tour on foot, or on the many bus / boat options available! We stayed close to Tower Bridge (and even saw it opening), and toured as far as the Houses of Parliament.


We also visited the Tate Modern; while none of the “art” there was particularly appealing, we did enjoy the views from the top (available at no cost, too!):

England 2018: Corbridge

Visiting with our friends in Newcastle, and visiting our old haunts, took us to Corbridge today. First a tour of the Corbridge roman ruins (which I used to know as “Corstopitum” but apparently that’s not the accepted name any more). Whatever they are called, they are a very splendid set of ruins – I love the construction of the raised floors of the granary (keeping the grain dry), and all the water management drains / fresh water storage / etc!


We then had lunch in the (modern) village, and took a walk along the river Tyne.