The very beginning of Stanton Estates construction

Alerted by Joe, we headed to Stanton Estates at lunchtime to see the first actual progress on our new home! It’s a very small step forward but it’s the beginning for sure. Dirt has been added to the lot to raise it for drainage, and the “footprint” of the home has been sculpted. In the final picture, Margaret is standing where the front door one day will be:

The next steps hopefully also beginning this week will be forms for the footings, and then plumbing (which is buried in the dirt, in / under the eventual concrete slab that will be the base of the home).


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes …

(and with David Bowie coincidentally playing in the background – though Starman instead!)

I noticed recently that the Google Street View of where our new home development is, had a “time travel” feature that shows views from the past – 2007, 2011 and 2015. I took a “now” picture of the same spot, and used this website to create an animated GIF sequence. It’s interesting to see the trees growing over the years (until they’re all chopped down, of course!)

Stanton Estates 2011-2017
Stanton Estates 2011-2017


Here’s each individual picture:

A sold sign!

There’s still nothing but dirt for our future home, but there is now a “sold” sign! Jones Homes USA had delayed showing this, because our lot is far away from their current construction zone and they hadn’t wanted to encourage other buyers to this part of the development.


We chose this particular lot because it’s 15′ longer than some other lots, and we need that extra length to fit a pool/patio. The new home is mostly on one level and so has a big footprint, very long front to back; the development also requires that construction be set back a long way from the road and so once we’ve also added a pool/patio at the back, we’ve used up almost every foot of the long lot!


Museum of Osteology

This afternoon Margaret took us to Skeletons: Museum of Osteology in Orlando, near to the Orlando Eye and surprisingly with free parking!

The somewhat expensive entrance fee was justified by the huge range of skeletons on display – and the huge skeletons for some animals! Very informative displays too, comparing different animals … here’s a pile of bones for you to view:

Photographing the Sun

In preparation for next month I tried a bit of Sun photography this morning. A filter is essential both to get reasonable photos and to protect the camera; but a lens filter for my Nikon is more than $100!

Instead I found a very inexpensive (<$20) cardboard filter attachment, and tried it out this morning. I think I need some more practice with exposure settings as there’s no detail in the Sun – but the results are much better than with no filter.

Here’s the attachment, and a no zoom photo without and with the filter:

More interesting, some zoomed in images through the filter; the first image shows how the camera struggles to focus with this filter:


I did also try a “welding glass” as a filter but it’s pretty useless, making the Sun green!