Back to convertible

Margaret has always liked owning a convertible car; her first in Massachusetts was a Mercedes SLK and since then she’s owned an Audi A4 and a fabulous hard top BMW. Her last car was a non-convertible Mazda, partly because it’s often too hot to put the top down in Florida … but now Margaret is back driving a convertible, after trading her Mazda (and money!) for a brand new white / red interior BMW convertible; here’s some pictures from delivery yesterday at Fields BMW with Jaime:

After that (and lunch), Margaret drove us home and we took some more pictures:


Settling in to Stanton

It’s been a few weeks now since we moved and we’re getting slowly settled in to our new home; we had the whole house painted to colors chosen by our interior designer, and quite a lot of new furniture arrived – especially for the “great room”, our main living area. Here’s that room with the new Stressless chairs and the spectacular green glass topped Island Fusion Hermes Reef table, and also our kitchen since it’s all part of the same huge space!

Also in that area is Margaret’s work desk (and she’s planning to get a filing cabinet to match).

We have four bedrooms in our new home, down from six at Independence; our master bedroom now has it’s designed colors with the new bedding – and of course there’s my favorite and spectacular shower in the ensuite:

The second bedroom has it’s ensuite walk-in shower, while bedrooms three and four share another bathroom – all downstairs of course.

Also downstairs is a “flex room” where we will be installing a projection TV / sound system for watching movies. With the home basically designed on a single level, the attractive stairs lead only to my office – although that space is also huge so I’ve split part of it into another movie / music / seating area …

Outside is not much changed from when we moved in, although Dixie Pools have now completed the pool install. There’s more to do out there (maybe just better outdoor furniture) but finishing the interior comes first!


UPDATE: Robert asked for more pictures of the table:

Oakland Nature Preserve after Irma

Since our earlier visits to nearby Oakland Nature Preserve (very nearby since we moved!), Hurricane Irma did some serious damage and until very recently the boardwalk there has been inaccessible. It’s actually still under repair but open enough for an enjoyable (short) walk – with lots of clearings, open blue sky, and downed trees, as evidence of Irma’s passing last year. Here’s some photos:

Moving Day!

Over the last couple of weeks, Margaret has been packing our “old” home (Independence) and this past weekend we rented a U-Haul truck to move the more breakable items from my office (test equipment, computers) as well as other fragile things. But today was the “big move” with a company arriving to take everything to our new home (Stanton Estates) …

It took two trips and 7 hours in total, with much more time for Margaret & I to start unpacking and putting things away so our new home is a little less chaotic than it was when everything arrived!

But tonight, we’ve got our bedroom sorted, somewhere to sit and eat, and my office is ready enough that I’ll be back to work in the morning … beyond that, we’ve got a lot more to do in the next few weeks!


Herons are back at Independence

One effect of Hurricane Irma last summer was to destroy the original Heron nest in the tree behind our home so we wondered if the Herons would return. Now we see they’ve moved to a smaller, lower down, nest in the tree in front of the original one – and today I’ve been able to capture some photos of one parent flying in and joining the other:


In the very cold (for Florida) weather last week, I also got a picture of the Heron in the nest, perhaps sheltering chicks with wings stretched in a sort of igloo (I don’t know if there are chicks, but this is what I interpreted!):