Chloe with depth

Checking out the newly rebuilt website I noticed that I’ve not posted any pictures of Chloe for more than two years (I blame Facebook, I just post quick pics there instead of here!); so let’s fix that with this photo I took this afternoon, using the “depth” / portrait feature of iPhone 7 Plus (it blurs the background to make the main subject stand out more):


Harry Potter In Concert

We drove in to Orlando this afternoon, to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the Walt Disney Theater of the Dr Phillip’s Center, with a live orchestra – and it was just as epic as it sounds!

It’s quite amusing re-watching the first Harry Potter movie (it’s been a while since we last saw it), with such young stars. Mind you, many in the theater had obviously seen it many times, as there was lots of word-perfect narrative from the crowd; the orchestra conductor had encouraged everyone to join in, and they did, with cheers and boos according to character / school in the movie.

During the movie, it’s easy to forget the live orchestra – and then something particularly epic reminds you; I tried to spot instruments playing particular pieces, but it’s hard to do that!

Here’s a few photos before/after (not during, obviously!):


The navigation view in my MINI when we arrived was interesting too, with a “3D” Amway center:

Moving to

I’ve now completed the first phase of a huge website move – I’m transferring both my websites (GBMINI and MargaretAndIan) to a single blog, hosted on!


There’s a few reasons for this – but the primary two are (a) that the gallery format is much nicer with Jetpack¬†which is included, and (b) that it’s often hard to decide whether a post belongs to GBMINI or M&I. In the past I’ve sometimes split a post in two, describing car-related things on GBMINI and trip-related on M&I; I won’t have to do that any more.

Once the transfer is complete, I’ll also be paying less and (I believe) having a more reliable service behind the website.

Today, I’ve completed the transfer of EVERY post from GBMINI over to this new site; while doing that, I’ve tidied up all the posts and made the image displays nicer, and I’ve deleted a few – those that were primarily about some other website that no longer exists, for example.

The next phase is to move all my M&I posts over and do the same tidying up – this is going to take a while yet (especially year 2009 with it’s “post every day”!); but I’m very pleased with the overall results so for me it’s worth doing.

I’ve also moved GPMINI over to it’s own hosting, here, for now; that site really needed work as it’s gallery has been broken for a few years! I will be losing the old GP owners forum when I complete that move, but it’s rarely active so an acceptable loss.