Home from a great MINIsOnTop weekend

My thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making MINIsOnTop entertaining once again; I had a great time catching up with all my MINI friends – and I had a great time driving my X3, very impressed with it’s handling and especially it’s power 🙂

And if the trip computer is correct, it’s more economical than my GP, too!

UPDATE: The trip computer is a bit optimistic, my calculated fill-up MPG today was 26.6, but that’s still more than 10% better than I ever got in the Audi, though it is slightly below the GP which typically got 27-28 during MINIsOnTop …

MINIsOnTop at Mount Washington, the (wet) tenth time

Yes, another wet MINIsOnTop – but of course we had fun anyway under the tent with excellent MC’ing from Michael, great prizes, a proposal(!), and fabulous organization from Sarah and Richard and their team of volunteers:


At the end of the evening, back to the Attitash for fireworks, and celebrations:

MINIsOnTop at Loon, the tenth time!

Close to 300 MINIs signed up for this years event, and many enjoyed great weather at Loon Mountain Resort today.


MINIs heading out on to the Kancamagus Highway:

Team 42

I joined wonderful MINI friends Theo & Carol, and Pete (who like me has also attended every MINIsOnTop) to form trivia contest “Team 42” – up against challenging opponents including the return of “Breast Milk”! Against all expectations, we won …

An excellent evening, bravely hosted by Libby, with Bill in memory …