First drive with MINIs of Kissimmee

We learned today of a MINI drive nearby, so I washed my car and we headed down to Championsgate to meet everyone – and there was a good turnout of 15+ MINIs there!


I took a photo of each MINI individually, just like the old days!


Once everyone had arrived, we set off on a maybe 20 minute drive, over to food trucks in Kissimmee – complete with reserved parking for our group!


Good fun to join some MINIs again! Thanks to Joey for organizing 🙂


Sunshine MINIs picnic 2015

This was our first time joining Sunshine MINIs for their annual picnic (a picnic in January, WOW!.
After washing Black Knight yesterday we were ready for a morning meet with other Orlando area MINIs for a nice drive to the picnic …

At the picnic there were MINIs, and MINI owners, everywhere (attendance was close to 150 people):

But now it was time for food, thanks Barry, Jack and everyone that organized this great picnic:

Also, since the picnic was at Silver Springs State Park, we had a nice opportunity for a walk out to the Silver River, and back:

Dragon Schmagon 2014

This weekends big MINI meet is MINIs On The Dragon, but for owners not leaving the Sunshine State, James and Lori organized an alternative rally drive and pub crawl (links on Sunshine MINIs and facebook, which Margaret and I headed over to this morning. Happily the rain did not put everyone off:

The rally was not something that we’ve done before – a route list to follow, but with things to spot along the way (“what does TLC stand for”, “what’s on top of the green mailbox”, etc) – great fun! We missed a couple of the answers, but didn’t get lost. Following the rally was a nice burger pub lunch at The Half Wall Beer House.
The day continued with a “pub crawl” and more drinking – but Margaret & I bailed and headed back home. And I needed to give Black Knight a wash!

She looks much better for being clean, and the rain just about held off (a little extra drying needed once back in the garage!)

A fun day – thanks to James & Lori!

Second Wednesday

I don’t have a MINI here in Florida, but I still joined MINIs of Orlando tonight for their monthly get-together, tonight at Johnny’s Filling Station (where the burger and fries were worth the wait!)
Early in the year so totally dark and hard to take pictures, even of James’ new Coupe, but I did try …

Undie 500 gathering

Another bonus of my quick trip South: I was able to join a MINI event! Organized on SunshineMINIs, this Undie 500 gathering in Kissimmee (an easy 4 mile drive for me) supports Dignity U Wear – and as always get me with a fun group of MINI owners 🙂
I headed over to Seralago and met up with Todd & Debbie and their GPs, as well as lots of other MINIs and owners:

Next, a short drive (literally a couple hundred yards) to the next door “Old Town” area for dinner, and all the MINIs get parked together, so it’s more photos!

Dinner at Kool Katz was good, too!