First drive with MINIs of Kissimmee

We learned today of a MINI drive nearby, so I washed my car and we headed down to Championsgate to meet everyone – and there was a good turnout of 15+ MINIs there!


I took a photo of each MINI individually, just like the old days!


Once everyone had arrived, we set off on a maybe 20 minute drive, over to food trucks in Kissimmee – complete with reserved parking for our group!


Good fun to join some MINIs again! Thanks to Joey for organizing 🙂


Sunshine MINIs picnic 2015

This was our first time joining Sunshine MINIs for their annual picnic (a picnic in January, WOW!.
After washing Black Knight yesterday we were ready for a morning meet with other Orlando area MINIs for a nice drive to the picnic …

At the picnic there were MINIs, and MINI owners, everywhere (attendance was close to 150 people):

But now it was time for food, thanks Barry, Jack and everyone that organized this great picnic:

Also, since the picnic was at Silver Springs State Park, we had a nice opportunity for a walk out to the Silver River, and back: