MOT2003 video

MINIsOnTop 2003 was a long time ago! 70+ MINIs had gathered for mid-summer at Mount Washington, from a forum discussion on MINI2 – I remember talking to someone afterwards who said that they had seen the discussions, and sent a check off to someone called Steve Barnatt, with no idea who Steve was or if he even existed. They figured, worst case they had lost the money and would have a nice weekend in New Hampshire!

As it turned out, all of us had a fabulous weekend, with spectacular weather and when we finally reached the summit of Mount Washington, clear sky, warm air, and an amazing sunset. Few of the 2003 attendees are still present so for everybody new to MINIsOnTop, here’s a quick video edit of that first year, courtesy of Animoto and YouTube:

Hmmm … video capabilities like this were non-existent in 2003; how curious will our MOT2011 activities be in another decade?! Hopefully at least the cars and the camaraderie won’t have changed too much.


I was wondering today what the Audi Q5 average MPG is – recently it’s on-board computer has been showing figures as high as 27mpg for my easy drive home from work (a bit lower to work in the morning, when the engine is cold).

So … on 2,305 miles at 111 gallons, the Q5 averages 20.8mpg. Not great, but comfortable!

And seeing I have spreadsheets for my MINIs too (except GBMINI#1), let’s compare:
GBMINI#2: 28,676 miles, 1058 gallons -> 27.1mpg
GBMINI#3: 23,803 miles, 902 gallons -> 26.4mpg (not so much of a hit, really, for an automatic!)
GBMINI#4: 28,599 miles, 1049 gallons -> 27.3mpg (I always claimed GPMINI was more economical, there’s the proof!)
GBMINI#5: 716 miles, 25.2 gallons -> 28.4mpg (Of course an average on so few miles isn’t very indicative, but 4% better than my GP isn’t close to the claimed improvements of the “Prince” engine, and no way justifies the downsides!)
GBMINI#6: 6,747 miles, 256 gallons -> 26.3mpg (not much of a hit for the convertible, either)

I know other MINI owners get much worse mpg (and doubtless some get better) – but these figures are pretty comparable since it’s the same driver doing largely the same driving on the same routes!

In memory of Diane

Today I received the sad news that a wonderful friend and MINI owner, Diane, has passed away. Diane had been fighting cancer for some years, and while it appeared that she was winning when we saw her last year, in the end you can never win 😦

Before Diane’s struggle, she regularly attended MINI events, driving hundreds of miles from her home in Maine to attend events as far away as New York! Here are some pictures from events that both she and I attended …


(obituary can be found here)

42 below!

Many readers will know about 42, the ultimate answer – some may even know how thrilled I was when we bought our first (and so far only) home in USA and it was number 42!
So when MickyD on MINI2 sent me a link to this site, after being surprised by the content I was doubly entertained by the product name, “42 below”.

Before you click on the link, be warned that “those of a sensitive disposition (and those that don’t like “toilet humour”) will probably think it’s all in rather poor taste!

If you totally fail to figure why MickyD sent the link to me, then here are some clues:

Thanks to MickyD!

GBMINI#2 looking better than ever

I have deliberately avoided mentioning GBMINI#2, since this post when I first saw it for sale at MINI Peabody; but I was recently told that GBMINI#2 has had a “freshening” and now the exterior wheel arches and other trim are re-painted (eliminating two years of stone chips), as well as getting a full detailing; GBMINI#2 hangs out with two other JCW equipped MINIs, waiting patiently for his new owner …

And no, I don’t know the price. Email John at MINI Peabody and ask, if you are interested!

It looks like the 2005 model year, offering the new gear ratios and LSD as well as nice “tweaks” like the new headlights, is making life hard for older MINIs now. Particularly so perhaps for upgraded MINIs like these three JCWs – a pre-owned loaded MINI can be more expensive than a brand new one, and can’t offer the “performance essentials” like an LSD.