Leu Gardens A-Z

Harry P Leu Gardens is doing an Alphabet Plant Hunt, labeling a plant beginning with each letter of the alphabet (a couple are a bit of a stretch, like X, but still …). We headed over this morning to enjoy both a walk around the gardens, and capture every plant. Here’s the pictures:

NOTE: I found when naming that I’d missed one plant (Gardenia)! I cheated here and added it from our own garden.

Winter Garden Downtown Brown’s

Another “back in time” from Winter Garden Heritage today … they wrote “Downtown Brown’s was one of the first businesses to set up shop in the heart of Winter Garden’s revitalized Downtown Historic District- a great place to stop for a tasty bite, an ice pop, or a soda while biking or hiking the West Orange Trail“, this was long before we lived here.

When we first moved to Winter Garden, this business was a French Bakery (a plus for us!) but that closed down and it’s since been many not-very-successful things; the current business does bagels and other things – we have tried them a couple times but never been impressed, though they are still in business so they must be good for some people!

Anyway, here’s a similar view today – amazingly the mural is still there on the side of the building, even though there’s another newer building right next to it, with just a couple feet separation!

Amazingly, I have never noticed this before, though I’ve been walking past for 8 years now!