Margaret recently purchased a filter for one of our bathroom windows, to add some privacy from outside – it has a rainbow effect design and the patterns it makes on the floor in the morning (when the sun shines straight through) are really nice!



Meanwhile at the end of the day, the setting sun reflects into our master bathroom and at this time of year aligns with the vertical edge of the shower glass screen, producing another beautiful rainbow on the inner tile wall:



Nature can be very lovely!


Back to Oakland Nature Preserve

After a (long!) coronavirus “lockdown” (for us further extended by our own choice because of traveling home from ‘Vegas back in mid March), Central Florida is beginning to open back up, with a number of downtown restaurants re-opening at reduced capacity – and happily some places for us to go walking that are more than just downtown (which we’ve walked a LOT – here Orange County we were always allowed to go out for exercise walks).

So yesterday, our first trip for a while, to nearby Oakland Nature Preserve; the parking lot was busy but we saw few other people – lots of walking space there I guess! Here’s some pictures …


A white X3

My BMW X3M went for it’s second annual service last week, and the BMW dealership has decided that it’s not safe to drive any more! They are concerned about a “wobble” in the right rear axle shaft – it’s not much but I could see the difference between the right and left …

So for now, I’m driving a loaner X3. It’s not got the wonderful M engine, and it’s missing much of the high-end technology of my own car … no head-up display, no active driving assistant (no detection of vehicles in adjacent lanes), no upgraded stereo … and the steering wheel is curiously light (maybe another difference that the X3M has?)

But it’s comfortable enough and gives me my own transport without needing Margaret to take me everywhere. Who knows how long it’s going to be with me!


Garden flowers

There’s a whole huge lot of not going anywhere / not doing anything these last few weeks (with lots more to come!), thanks to the coronavirus situation … Margaret has been making our front garden ever more pretty so here’s a colorful view from today:


Stay safe, everyone.

Las Vegas 2020

Our recent trip to Las Vegas was partly vacation, and partly to visit Conexpo where many customers of PG Trionic exhibit their vehicles; here’s a selection of photos from Snorkel, CMEC, Skyjack and GMG (European and China customers were mostly not present!):


We did also have a great time at the Bellagio, walking the strip, seeing two Cirque Du Soleil shows …


Cirque Du Soleil “Love”:


Cirque Du Soleil “O” (unlike “Love”, photos during the performance were banned):