4,800 miles plus 2,400

Today, we picked up GPMINI from MINI of Orlando, and did the final hop of our Coast-to-Coast drive, by reaching the Atlantic Coast! In total, we put about 4,800 miles on GPMINI, as recorded by Road Trip on my iPad:

As you can see, we averaged 27.5mpg, a little above Robert’s 26.0 on the way out – something to do with driving speed perhaps, as we noticed a significant difference between driving at 65-70 or 80-85.

Adding the two drives together, GPMINI did just over 7,200 miles on her Coast-To-Coast-To-Coast trip; and I’m sure she enjoyed all of it! Now she’s fully healthy once more (thanks MINI of Orlando), and settling back to garage time and occasional short drives, while Margaret and I plan to fly back North this week …

MTTS bonus: Driving the Countryman

Huge thanks go to Jim McDowell (and Patty) for arranging for both Margaret and I to test drive the new Countryman this morning 🙂

We had a chance to test drive an all-wheel-drive S model, though the all-wheel part didn’t have much function driving around Denver!

We were definitely driving a MINI! Yes, it didn’t have the performance of my GP, but it responded like a MINI, felt like a MINI, and looked like a MINI. But, with lots more space and comfort inside; very nice …

MTTS 2010: All the links

From first (Los Angeles, August 7) to last (Denver, August 15):
MTTS 2010 auto-cross
Countryman preview party (liking it)
Los Angeles to Las Vegas (yes, we missed Phoenix)
Minus 5 (best night, maybe!)
Las Vegas to Salt Lake City
Bonneville Salt Flats (even though we didn’t go)
Salt Lake City to Grand Junction
Gelato Junction
Colorado National Monument (all the MINIs should have gone here)
Grand Junction to Winter Park
Winter Park Parade
Winter Park and BBQ
Winter Park to Denver
MINIs fill the parking lot
Denver Friday night gathering
Red Rocks and a Rally
Infinity Park Music Festival
Last pics – Sunday breakfast

And some of the stuff we’ve collected:
MTTS 2010 swag
MTTS 2010 pins