Winter Garden with a new camera

I’ve just purchased a(nother) new camera, the Sony RX100M6. I wanted something with a big sensor for higher quality images, and a reasonable zoom – but I also wanted light and easy to carry. I found the “this years model” RX100M7 available and learned that there’s few differences over last year – and I found last year available “pre-owned” at BorrowLenses for a great half price (free, fast shipping too).

So today I took the new camera on my early morning walk around town and took various photos to test out the image quality and zoom capability. While it’s nothing like my high-zoom Nikon, it’s a third the weight and a much bigger sensor … and I found the photos to be great quality even though it was early (about sunrise) so not yet bright. Here then an assortment of photos:

Above a store near the downtown water fountain (with Queens Wreath still / always in bloom) there’s some “stained glass” windows – I photo’ed them at both ends of the camera zoom range (with the close-ups then cropped) …

Further on my walk, past City Hall and the beautiful hanging baskets nearby, and the recently arrived “butterfly” in a new garden area not yet open:

Summer rainbows

Florida summers are a potent combination of strong sunshine, humidity, and storms (the rain right now is pouring), and the result is frequent rainbows! Here’s a few from the last couple of weeks, at home …

That last one is just partial, but I still like it …



Margaret recently purchased a filter for one of our bathroom windows, to add some privacy from outside – it has a rainbow effect design and the patterns it makes on the floor in the morning (when the sun shines straight through) are really nice!



Meanwhile at the end of the day, the setting sun reflects into our master bathroom and at this time of year aligns with the vertical edge of the shower glass screen, producing another beautiful rainbow on the inner tile wall:



Nature can be very lovely!