Mickey & MINI 5, Friday

Friday afternoon at Mickey & MINI, people arrive, meet and chat – and there’s a “popular choice” best car vote going on; in the evening, after the Hotel’s Happy Hour, is dinner and slideshow entertainment … I joined the group, met old and new friends, and took pictures!

Someone was talking to me just this morning about the MINI event – and at one point I said “No, MINI owners rarely look under the hood” … and apparently I’m wrong, at least at M&M (never seen this at MINIsOnTop!):

Dinner time:


Mickey & MINI day 3

Sunday morning, we headed over to Disney’s Winter Summer Land mini golf course. We arrived later than four Georgia MINIs, but before the main group who were caravaning from the hotel; soon after, the rest of the MINI group arrived and played catch-up with us, as well as mini golf!

Eventually though, we all finished playing, and it was time for Margaret & I to swap cars (leaving GPMINI “down south” for now), return to the airport and head home – but with great memories of a fun Mickey & MINI! Hopefully we’ll do it all again next year 😀

Mickey & MINI 2007 re-visited

At last nights Mickey & MINI 4 dinner, Jack / MINIBee showed an excellent slideshow compilation from last years event (and yes, I spotted myself and George in it!) … Jack was kind enough to upload it to Vimeo, so that now everyone can see it 🙂

Be sure to check out Jack’s website; also his Cafepress site is worth a visit … many thanks, Jack!