The end of MINI Takes The States 2016

Sadly, as in 2014, we were unable to join the huge 2016 MINI Takes The States event; we were able to follow along with the thousands of MINI owners – including Pedro with his MINI “Clark” via his MotoringFun website.
On his way back home in south Florida, he visited overnight, and we headed to a Disney restaurant this morning for breakfast – so I did get to drive a very small amount of MTTS 2016, with just two MINIs …

MINI Takes The States 2016

The MINI Takes The States 2016 event is now officially launched, with their website up and describing each days plans; hopefully this time Margaret and I will join them for at least some of the route (and in my new Clubman!)

Our very tentative plans for now are to join the launch day in Atlanta but then skip the North East corner (we’ve been there before!); we have an idea to plan our own “mid section” route, and re-join MTTS perhaps in Minneapolis, or later – but we’ve not gone through all of MINIs information yet, to see what they have planned …

If you’re not already aware, you need to register to attend MINI Takes The States ($75/person for more than one night, non-refundable), and you need to book your own hotels – and of course, bring your own MINI!
There’s also a very active, unofficial, FaceBook page, if you need that sort of thing …

And if you’re not sure what MINI Takes The States is, I’ve got many posts from previous events!

Sunshine MINIs picnic 2016

The first MINI meet for my new MINI Clubman! Last year I commented “a picnic, in January” – this year it really was a bit of a crazy thing to do, with cold and very windy weather; everyone wearing all the clothes they have (it’s Florida, people don’t have lots of warm clothing!) … the BBQ grilles at least provided some heat:


My new MINI Clubman shared parking with a collection of very yellow MINIs; lots of other MINIS around too, of course!


Crooked Can craft brewery

Today’s MINIs Of Orlando meeting was at our new and local Plant Street Market which opened in Winter Garden a couple months ago and features various stores – and a popular craft brewery, too … I guess craft beer is attractive to MINI owners – the event was well attended (we also got a tour of the brewery, interesting!)

Oh – and I found a beer that I might like – if I drank beer (“Russian Imperial Stout“).