The Great Ice Cream Run (Day 3)

[catch up post!]

Today, Wednesday June 24, The Great Ice Cream Run took us up to Haverhill, MA to England’s Micro-Creamery – sadly today was the WORST weather day so far, with rain and wet roads, and also the WORST traffic, with a 3/4-hour delay on US-495 due to a couple of trucks that decided to dance a little too close together 😦
But, we did eventually get to England’s, where we were honored with coned-off parking on the high street, and interviews / photographs from the local Eagle Tribune newspaper (check them tomorrow for a MINI Ice-Cream story!)



After that, I had to go and earn my keep at work, while the rest of The Great Ice Cream Run group headed North to Maine … but I’ll meet up with some of my new friends once more at MINIsOnTop this weekend 🙂

The Great Ice Cream Run (Day 2)

[catch up post!]

Tuesday June 23, The Great Ice Cream Run took us from Pennsylvania to Sturbridge, MA – via Deep Fried Ice-Cream at Riverside Creamery in Port Jervis, NY … unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures (frustration with being un-able to post them!)


In the evening, we swamped Enrico’s and had great pizza, and finished the day with bargain “baby” sized Ice-Cream at Howard’s.