Tire cradles

After having to buy a set of tires for GPMINI due to the flatspot-caused rumbling, I finally spent the $$$ (less than a set of tires!) to get a set of tire cradles recommended by George. They are a very soft rubbery material, so that presumably they give way instead of the tires!

Easy to use, just stop a little short of where you want to park, place the tire cradles in front of each tire, and drive forward on to them!¬†Hopefully they will save me from another batch of noisy runflats …

My Geek Odyssey

During MINI Takes The States 2010 there were some fabulous themed comic strips created over at My Geek Odyssey, featured by MINI Takes The States … After the event the original artworks were given to Ryans MINI Adventure and auctioned to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I bid for a few of the artworks and was lucky enough to get this one:

A very nice collectible – and a good cause too!

UPDATE: The artist, Bruce, very kindly sent me a high resolution version of the complete colored comic published by MINI Takes The States – thanks!