Two into one

Our furniture from 42 Gee Ave arrived today in a big truck (only a small part of the truck had our stuff!); we’d cleared one guest room, and left space in the garage, but it’s still surprising how full 8002 now is, with two homes of stuff! Even the fridge is covered:

While Margaret has managed to pack two kitchens into one, and is working on the clothing (though our closet here is much smaller than our old one), there remains a good store of belongings and furniture that will likely remain boxed till we move to Independence

Flowers, no flowers

It’s amazing how much the plants down here at 8002 have grown, since¬†we were here earlier in the year!

Watching the Ruellia every day is impressive: first thing in the morning, the plants are covered in brand new flowers, and in the evening, they’ve all dropped, ready for another covering next day! The Bees and Butterflies love them – fresh food every morning …