Thanksgiving “camp”

Our friends Pedro and Laura come up for Thanksgiving, staying with us, sharing Disney, and joining their friends for Thanksgiving – this year we joined them.

Thanksgiving with Dan & Anne, Chris & Roxy, and their family and friends, is an amazing experience – a huge “camp” is set up at Disney’s Fort Wilderness┬ábut it’s so much unlike a camp, with full ovens, fridge / freezers, drink coolers, food warmers – and everything under tent too! And the food, both the choice and deliciousness …

Behind The Seeds again

At Disney Epcot the Living With The Land ride takes people through various huge conservatories planted beautifully with interesting and educational exhibits – it’s also possible to take an inexpensive tour into the area, seeing everything in more detail. We’ve done this before┬ábut chose to do it again today because Epcot was very busy and the tour is a relaxing alternative to standing in queues!