Behind The Seeds again

At Disney Epcot the Living With The Land ride takes people through various huge conservatories planted beautifully with interesting and educational exhibits – it’s also possible to take an inexpensive tour into the area, seeing everything in more detail. We’ve done this before┬ábut chose to do it again today because Epcot was very busy and the tour is a relaxing alternative to standing in queues!


Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a new area opening soon – Pandora, inspired by the film Avatar; and we got preview access there today …

As befits the fact that it’s an alien world, everything is very well themed with unusual plants and creatures – including sounds, all around. There are two rides in the area too, a nice gentle Na’Vi River Journey, and a much less gentle one (Flight Of Passage) – for us rather like an extreme Star Tours combined with extreme Tower Of Terror and Soarin’! I don’t think either of us will be doing that second ride again.

Here’s some photos from the visit, showing the theming and plant life:


And here’s some less-than-perfect pictures from the River Journey:


World Showcase: DestiNations Discovered

A different visit to Epcot World Showcase today, with much of it before the main rush of tourists – so I took lots of photos of empty space, a rare sight at Disney!

This tour was quite fascinating; in many ways it’s “just a walk around World Showcase”, but being guided and learning of details and sights we’d never previously noticed, made for a very different visit. Finishing with a bonus of Soarin’ is nice, too!