Tree Swallows

We’ve had a LOT of tiny insects in the air the last few days – cooler weather seems to encourage them to fly up from Lake Apopka (I think they are midges / “blind mosquitos”); today flocks of Tree Swallows have arrived, flying every direction and catching all the insects – Hooray!

I tried to capture some photos and video, but it’s really hard with the birds changing direction so often; here’s my best attempts:



Halloween 2018 in Winter Garden

Winter Garden celebrates Halloween in the town center, with loads of stalls offering candy, games for children – and of course loads of costumes worn as much by the adults as by the children! Many downtown stores join in too, and now for us it’s all just an easy walk from our home.

Going to the town event does mean we miss out on anyone visiting our house, but it’s much more fun where we were! Here’s lots of photos …


As hinted in the last photo, City Hall also had a video projection of Halloween images; I recorded some (had to replace the audio, but the video is still good):

Leonard’s Car Wash

Here in Florida it’s crazy hot and sunny for much of the year, making it very hard to hand wash any car. In the past I might have washed my MINI early morning while still in shade from our house, but now my X3 is a bit too big to easily wash, and I’m getting lazy – and anyway since it’s garaged it doesn’t get all that dirty so it’s been about six months since I purchased … and I decided to have my X3 washed by someone else!

There’s a few local Winter Garden car wash companies; I’ve used Classic Car Wash once before, but today decided to try Leonard & Son that is frequently recommended, online. I stayed close by for the more than one hour it took (!) and watched them take as much care as I would have – and of course I took pictures …

Overall, my X3 looks as good as when delivered; not quite sure it’s worth the $40 cost, but it was much easier than me doing the work!