Midwest 2022:┬áTheodore Roosevelt National North Park

Some 60 miles drive from the south entrance to the north, got us immediate sighting of two Bison right at the entrance – and many more through the park! But the highlight here is a geological feature called Cannonball Concretions which are amazing and well worth the long drive up from Medora!

While we were at the concretions, a small herd of Bison came out of the long grass and passed us, across the parking lot and then the road, heading off into meadows below us! Separated from the cars we and another family stood quietly up on the hill of the concretions and watched them all go by – I video’ed the event:

All American Kids Parade 2022

Independence Day, we walked into town for the mornings All American Kids Parade here in Winter Garden – a well attended event with many families, kids on bikes, scooters, etc all decorated for the holiday; they walk through downtown in both directions and it’s fun and impressive how much work some have put into their decorations! Here’s some photos, and at the end of the post is a video …