Galapagos 2021 day 7

Out last full day on our Royal Galapagos Cormorant 1 cruise started with kayaking:

After lunch we trekked to see Flamingos and this was really the only letdown of our trip; there were only five birds and all a long way off, a struggle even for the medium zoom Sony camera I had with me:

In the afternoon we had our final snorkeling, somewhat rough sea where two currents meet but resulting in MANY fish (and another turtle!):

Galapagos 2021 day 5

Today began in port, in San Cristobal. While we were on an 8 day cruise, some of our newly made friends were on a shorter 5 day cruise and leaving today, while other new people would join us later … but before all that, we were taken to a Tortoise breeding ground to see Saddleback Tortoises – and there were LOADS!

Here too is video of the Saddleback Tortoises (of course, it’s long because they don’t move very quickly!):

In the afternoon, more snorkeling with Sea Lions, fish and a few Turtles!

After snorkeling (and a bit more boat time to relax) we had another beach walk joined now by new fellow passengers; once again we saw many Sea Lions!

Galapagos 2021 day 4

Thankfully our overnight was MUCH better, no sickness and we both slept well. I think we finally found anti-nausea meds that worked, though the ride was also much smoother and shorter (plus we were extra tired from not sleeping the night before!)

Since day 4 was our wedding anniversary, it was great news that we were both well now! And we arrived at another new island, this one with a small beach then a cliff climb to the top:

We hoped to find Blue Footed Boobies on this walk, and amazingly we found a pair right in the path, with their amazing blue feet – and dancing for us too!

And some video of the Blue Footed Boobie mating dance:

When we returned to the ship for lunch, we found that our bed had been decorated for our anniversary!

And there were Dolphins visible from the ship, too!

After lunch, another beach walk with Sea Lions …

Here’s some video of the Sea Lions, too: