MINIsOnTop 2003 DVD from Martin Ramshaw

I received and greatly enjoyed watching a DVD of MINIs On Top 2003 today. It contains two “driving up the mountain” videos (from GadgetGav and Pezboy) and slideshow sequences of everyones photos.
Martin Ramshaw (“alfnotborninusa” on MINI2) must have spent many hours putting this together, and charged an embarrassingly low $6 to send it to me.

Martin wrote: I had downloaded the MOT movies done by gadgetgav and pezboy and thought it would be neat to see them on my large screen TV. So, I made a DVD, this worked pretty well so I downloaded all the pictures I could find, from this thread, the galleries of MOTers and from I’ve created a DVD with the two movies (10:43 and 4:42 minutes) and 497 photos. I have pictures from alfnotborniusa(30) bethandlouis(27) bakerjc&capecodmini(6) danzmini2(2) elblue(8) gadgetgav(42) gmini(21) grumpy07474(33) harmini&ice&nhref(7) jennysup(15) mgbboy(7) neminimike(21) pezboy(84) rfinprc(23) MINIvsMoose(19) snid(49) teridrag(10) Mt.Wash.Obs.(3) gbmini(90).
Oops – for better or worse I topped the photo count!
You can use this MINI2 link to contact Martin; he might still be able to supply you with a DVD.

Thanks Martin!