Margaret The American

Today Margaret completed her goal of becoming an American Citizen! The road to Citizenship began when we emigrated in 1996; once we got our Green Cards in 2000, we had to wait five years before applying for citizenship … Margaret started the process back in the summer, did her “citizenship test” a while ago and today finally went through the swearing in & Oath Of Allegiance.
Todays events were held at Faneuil Hall in Boston; more than 400 people became citizens in this ceremony, which includes some final paperwork checking, handing in the (now redundant) Green Card, renouncing your previous citizenship, and swearing an Oath to defend America … Finally you are awarded a Certificate Of Citizenship, and you are then American – next stop, an American passport!


One thought on “Margaret The American

  1. How cool! Congratulations Margaret! I never got one of those Certificate of Citizenships! Although I do have a birth certificate & a passport. Now you can pay taxes and feel like a true American! lol 🙂

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