Thunder snow!

Todays weather was a bit of a surprise – the forecast was for a few inches of snow changing over to rain, and that is what we got this morning. The drive to work was OK and by lunchtime when both Margaret & I headed home, the weather was basically just rain.
We headed out for lunch in Gloucester and while we were there the weather worsened again – suddenly we saw a flash and heard a rumble: a winter thunderstorm! It is called “thunder snow” here and is uncommon.

The weather quickly worsened further to total whiteout – it took us about half an hour to drive the couple of miles back home, and when we finally got there, we discovered that the power was out too! We sat in candlelight and hoped power would be back before the house got too cold … As evening came, power returned and the storm blew away – leaving us with a great sunset!

This evening, noticing how pretty Joanne & Earles christmas lights looked with snow over them, I headed out to take some pictures:


In the morning, we will have some shovelling to do!

2 thoughts on “Thunder snow!

  1. I am originally from Texas so these things are all new to me. I just experienced THUNDER SNOW here in Baltimore, Maryland. It was about 2:15 2:30 in the morning when I heard this rumble. I got up and looked out and saw a flash of light that was so unusual looking that I thought it was a transformer that blew but it was the lightening which soon came the thunder. The thunder did not sound normal as how the lightening didn’t look normal either. Just soon after was the down pour of snow. The lightening and thunder went on for about 30 to 45 mins. I am so glad that I came across your website because you proved to me that I was not going crazy. Thanks 😉

  2. Thanks for that description – because you boost my confidence too!
    We only had a single boom/flash – it must have been amazing for it to continue for a long time …

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