(dis)comfort opening

So the key in my pocket chooses today to trigger the “comfort opening” and wind down GBMINIs windows …

What a great feature! And how absolutely wonderful that the redesigned flatter ’05 MNI key is much more likely to be accidentally triggered in my pocket 😦

I’ve had this key unlock the car a few times – sometimes I hear the alarm beep – but at least the ’05 MINI re-locks itself after a couple of minutes.

But I will have to have “comfort opening” disabled by MINI Peabody – I don’t think wet seats are all that comfortable …

2 thoughts on “(dis)comfort opening

  1. Oh no–did you get water damage? At least you have no sunroof.
    I still use and love this feature, and knock on (plastic keyfob) it has never accidentally triggered. However I don’t carry my keys in a purse and rarely my pocket. I suppose it would be safer to have a button combination such as lock-unlock-lock like the kptech module.

  2. Luckily Josh the windows did not open fully and only the leather part of the leather/cloth seats got very wet – and it dried out OK.
    I know it could have been much worse for me, but

    I ran the article to alert others to the possible problem – the ’05 keys are MUCH worse for this than the rounder ’04 ones. I wonder if they can configure a pre-’05 key to work with an ’05 MINI …

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