GOMINI and GBMINI (again)

Long long ago, I took a picture of GOMINI & GBMINI meeting for the first time at MINI of Peabody, soon after I got GBMINI#2.
Steve & I have met many times since then, but today we were back at the dealership together, and I didn’t turn down the chance for an updated photo:

Steve was back from recent fun on the track with his super- & turbo- charged MINI, which mostly runs OK these days!

10 thoughts on “GOMINI and GBMINI (again)

  1. Aqualung……I hope you don’t mind but that pic of Hratch made me laff so it’s now part of my desktop pictures. Mini glasses, funny.
    I met him last year when I came out to get my daughters Cooper.

  2. LTZMTOR, not a problem, it’s a great pic of Hrach, unfortunately he won’t be there this year 😦

    Someone asked me for a high rez version for use in something, and I provided but I can’t recall who/what….

  3. The bulls-eye sticker is from a “bug hunt game” at MINIsOnTop 2004 – all the cars doing the Bar Harbor event had one, and the “winner” scored the biggest nastiest bug nearest to the middle!

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