7 thoughts on “West Coast GP Buyers Welcome Reception & Dinner

  1. Yes, the third picture is Chief Charlie.

    Ian, thanks! Had no idea my hair looked that good in the back. 🙂

  2. Looks like it was in someone’s back yard…no mention on the schedule of a pool party! 🙂
    Did you get to chat with mike cooper?

  3. The “presidents house” – presumably a standalone suite in the Hyatt; no-one fell in the pool!

    Didn’t chat with Mike Cooper – met him before and many other folks wanted to talk with him …

  4. Nobody went for a swim??
    The neck lanyards look great, you can find them on Ebay. I bet we will get them in our Swag from the sponsers.
    Great Pics.
    Who is the DJ and was the music from the soundtrack of I. Job…lol

    Have fun Ian.
    See you WV.

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