Back from GP Delivery Day

… and wow what a fun day it was! Well done MINI USA πŸ™‚

GPMINI looks stunning; I love the aero kit, I love the wheels, and the rear spoiler is fantastic! The color is great but it’s still hard to pin down what colour it really is.

After lunch, speeches and key hand-over, we spent a while admiring the car then met up with RB and toured the track & pit areas of Laguna Seca for an hour or two – but eventually the need to drive GPMINI called too loud and we headed off, driving Highway 1 down to Big Sur and back (and passing 4 or 5 other GPs!):

I’m amazed by how smooth the ride is on the 18″ wheels, some of that no doubt due to the improved roads here compared with Boston, but even on hard bumps the ride is nothing like as harsh as I expected. I don’t see myself needing to switch to non-runflats based on todays drive (though we’ll see what roads at home do to it).

The interior noise is worse than I wanted – there’s a lot of road rumble in the back of the car on certain surfaces at highway speeds; hopefully that can be reduced with some Dynamat or similar … and contrary to some of the England GP buyers reports, my dash / trim is just as rattly as any other MINI 😦



12 thoughts on “Back from GP Delivery Day

  1. Cool..! Big Sur in a GP πŸ™‚
    Funny to see the parking area full of rare cars that will probably never park next to another one the same after the MTTS run.

    No mo-blogging to the GPMINI web site, or did you forget which site to post to in your excitemement! πŸ˜‰

  2. Were they lined up in numerical order, or did they just throw you the keys and there was a mad rush for the cars? πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations Ian! Please, please take a lap of Laguna Seca or two tomorrow. We’ll all be there with you in spirit.

  4. See you in Nashville and again in Jersey City for my pick-up there. It is great to see everyone having so much fun!

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