Dinner with Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners

Tonight I was invited, with four other MINI owners (and their partners) to an excellent dinner at the Bouchon restaurant courtesy of Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners, MINI USAs new advertising agency.

Curiously, 4 of the 5 owned MINIs were brand new GPs! Ed from BSSP chatted with us about MINI, the community, the MINI USA owners lounge, the ’07 MINI, the future “Traveller”, and advertising – both past (counterfeit MINI), current (the Book Of Small) and future (an upcoming “we feel your pain” campaign drawing attention to the sad life of SUV owners)

Sadly nothing “secret” that hasn’t already been published on MotoringFile or MINI2 – but the food was excellent and the company & chat very enjoyable.

5 thoughts on “Dinner with Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners

  1. There’s a great billboard across the street from MOP right now that must be part of the “we feel your pain” campaign, reading Fuel Exit Ahead.

  2. Well Ian was it better that the Clay Pot on Saturday nite? I wonder why of all the fabulous restaurants in SB they picked that one? The gods are still smiling on ya… I see!

    Oh Yeah!, since you have those inner circle ties can you get them to send me a Book of Small. Never got one! ;¬[

    Again thanks to you and Margaret for the good company on Sat nite. Say Hi to Elvis for me, Viva Las Wages! RB

  3. I talked to them about the many people I knew that didn’t get the Book Of Small – they say they shipped 150K, out to all MINI buyers. I don’t think they made any attempt to track owners of pre-owned cars …

  4. “Curiously, 4 of the 5 owned MINIs were brand new GPs”
    Ian, have you forgotten you’re on MTTS already..? 😉 The whole event is geared around you new GP owners. What I want to know is who was the imposter who snuck in without buying a GP..! 🙂

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