MTTS day 2 – Barstow pitstop and a long drive

Today was a lot of driving, mostly on highway – 70mph speed limit but lacking scenery! And one way or another, my drive was also mostly lacking MINIs, other than the morning gathering:

Many thanks to SoCal MINI Maniacs for organizing the pitstop – it nicely broke up the journey, and it was great to meet up with people, grab some water & lunch …

On the road, some scenery and some MINIs, but lots of empty road too …

I love visiting Las Vegas, especially The Bellagio – so when I arrived I headed up to take photos of GPMINI at my favorite hotel 🙂

3 thoughts on “MTTS day 2 – Barstow pitstop and a long drive

  1. So….you finally found Baker? I heard they were planning to put a town there but decided not to at the last minute!

    Looks very memorable, Ian. Has Margaret gone her way now?


  2. Be careful of radar my friend especially in Texas! Local Yocals love to trap any and all even if doing the speed limit as my wife found out.

    Sounds like you’re having a ball.

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