What a fabulous car company!

Is there any other car company that could match MINI USA at the moment? MINI Takes The States as a coast to coast drive is impressive, but there’s all this extra stuff too …

Just come back from the House Of Blues at the Mandalay Bay, courtesy of MINI USA. Free food, and great music – and MINI USA were present in force too, including Kay Segler, Jim McDowell, …
We had two acts tonight, The Mob Law was loud and hardly “bluesy”, but the main act, The Blues Brothers Tribute Band, was phenomenal – should have stayed longer, but early start tomorrow maybe …


On top of the morning meets, evening events, video coverage and general friendliness from all the MINI USA people, they are performing above and beyond to resolve the few glitches that have occurred – of course maybe that’s expected, but talking with Gary & Heidi tonight, they are overwhelmed by the level of responsiveness given to the problem they suffered with their GP …

So … thank you and well done, MINI USA! And R.A.Events too 🙂

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