MTTS day 5 – Sandia Crest and Texas

Today started really early, not helped by losing an hour from PST to MST … but it was TOTALLY worth it!

Sandia MINI was the start point today and, like MINI of Peabody, they seem to totally “get it” – they have provided excellent support for MTTS both yesterday and today, including an amazing hot air balloon display! The dealership also provided coffee & donuts, and had a raffle which raised money for a local childrens hospital:

Then about 70 MINIs headed off for a drive to Sandia Crest, with even a police escort initially! The road to Sandia Crest is incredible – very twisty with regular hairpins and switchbacks, and so early in the morning the MINIs had no problem running up at quite exhilerating speeds! I love my GP 🙂

At the top the view is incredible – both MINIs, Alberquerque, and Hummingbirds!

After all that, a much less inspiring drive!

6 thoughts on “MTTS day 5 – Sandia Crest and Texas

  1. Ian I’m sure there are a whole bunch of us who have planned our days around checking your posts!

  2. Yup!

    New Mexico is a beautiful state, my wife and I are still considering Santa Fe to live but no coast, I surf, and no In N Out.

    Ian thanks for taking the time to look at LTZMTOR.US.

  3. Yes, Ian. Your coverage is the very best. Combine it with White Roof Radio and I almost feel like I am there. Hey, I will be there Monday in Nashville and Saturday the 2nd in Jersey to pick up my very own GP. Yea!

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