MTTS 10 – the other dragon and the brickyard

That was a busy day today! Good one though! We started the day next to the St Louis arch, setting up nearly 150 MINIs for an aerial photo

Since all the MINIs were together for the photo, they all headed out and drove towards Indianapolis together for a while, giving some great pictures …

Many MINIs stopped at Vandalia, IL (invited by the towns chamber of commerce) – for a photo op under “the dragon” (and discounted gas!)

Then the highlight of day day – Indianapolis Speedway with a chance to drive the track! Maybe for this reason, this was the best attended leg since we left Monterey …

When we completed the lap, MINIs were still entering – there was a lot of MINIs!

Here’s some other pictures from Indianapolis:

And finally to the hotel … dinner … shower … sorting & posting pics …

4 thoughts on “MTTS 10 – the other dragon and the brickyard

  1. You can see my MINI in two of those shots. Along the river front, BRG/W with the flopping flag all the way in the back. And then on the drive to IND side view Miror bit, I am two behind the Orange MINI (his name is Gromit). And you must have been driving next to me for the other IND drive photo. Great times!

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