GPMINI meets MoP

After catching up on some work, I headed over to MINI of Peabody with GPMINI this afternoon – everyone there finally got to see a GP!

Top of my work list was an oil change, state sticker, and a clean GP, but I also decided to have a JCW strut brace fitted – primarily as a defence against the “mushroom tower” issues reported online (I could have got M7 reinforcing plates but a JCW part suits a GP better!)

A significant initial challenge was simply getting the GP onto the lift – next time they’ll probably select a lower lift, since they had to manhandle the car to get it up!

Then it was oil change, strut brace install, and Euro Shelf install …

While this was going on, Gary was very interested in seeing behind the luggage restraint bar – but it didn’t reveal much …

Gary also pointed out that the back edge of the intercooler cover is being rubbed away by the protective plastic panels on the underside of the hood – it’s clear the hood panels have been trimmed for the bigger intercooler, but apparently not enough! And I was told that the rear hatch / trunk hinges are of the “old” type which have now been re-designed apparently to resolve a (hopefully rare) issue of the hinges rusting and failing! GPMINIs hinge looks like this (I checked – it’s the same as on my other MINI):


Finally, GPMINI got washed and I paid and headed home – after a few more pics of course!

11 thoughts on “GPMINI meets MoP

  1. You’d think MINI would have alerted the dealers to the low clearance..!
    They definately call the rear brace / bar a luggage restraint then? It’s not tied to the rear suspension moutnings at all..?

    Congrats on the road trip, looks like it was an amazingly well run event.

  2. You’d think MINI would have alerted the dealers to lots of stuff about the GP, wouldn’t you …

    The official line is that the bar is NOT structural and not rated for mounting harnesses, but only for restraining luggage. But if that’s true, it’s a shame they didn’t fit it closer to the front seats!

  3. I’ve also been following the mushrooming issue for a while. I’m tempted to get the M7 plates, but too pricey for the hunks of metal that they are. Hopefully someone will have a cheaper alternative.

  4. So are you the ONLY GP for how many miles???

    I guess I’ve been missing this whole Mushroom thingy. I’d betta CK my Towers…. ;¬)

    Glad you got home safe and somewhat sound and again thanks for dinner back in Monterey.

  5. I know you like to keep with the theme, but the m7 brace is fantastic and will help with the mushrooming issues too. jwardell, I have a set of m7 plates you’re welcome to play with (they’re just sitting in the garage).

  6. R.B – not the only GP; there’s another in Boston (David) and one up in New Hampshire (Matt); and by the end of October there’ll probably be 10 or more in New England!

    B.J. – thanks for the feedback; you’ll notice I’m not knocking M7 for this product, I even linked to them!

  7. Just curious, but how many miles total did you rack up? And how many miles was left on the service countdown before you had the oil changed?

  8. The odometer read about 4830 when I got home – that including 11 “delivery” miles. Service interval shows 6400 miles to go (wasn’t reset for the paid-for oil change)

  9. Looks great, Ian! Sorry I missed your first visit…I’ve been dying to drive, er i mean SEE it. Back from the Honeymoon now and hope to see you soon!

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