MTTS – States Taken

The MINI Takes The States website has now been updated with final write-ups of every day and photo collections … Go there and have a look through the photos, if you were on the trip – maybe you’ll find yourself! Here is GPMINI in the pack leaving Sandia MINI at Alberquerque, and a great picture from the St Louis arch looking down on MINIs, with GPMINI and Quack Quack Jack in the middle!

I’ll definitely be heading over to MTTSphotos tomorrow to lay down some cash and buy some of these great pictures 🙂
UPDATE: $285 order placed for photos!

8 thoughts on “MTTS – States Taken

  1. Sweet! You can see Bean on that St. Louis Photo! BRG/W Between two Convertables. Left Side.

  2. Thanks Jess – I’ve watched (and copied) them now 🙂
    They are excellent, and well put together in a short time … hope they’ll release DVD quality in the future, and maybe longer too!

  3. Well, now that it’s over, I trust you’ve had time to rest up. Back to the daily grind eh?

    Nice to have met you along the way.

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