MINI USA survey

Just got a phone call “welcoming” me to the MINI family, for buying a GP – I replied “thanks, but do you know the GP is my fourth MINI” πŸ˜‰

Lots of questions …
On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate the purchase / delivery experience – “at least 5”
Did [MTTS] meet your expectations – “no … it exceeded them”


13 thoughts on “MINI USA survey

  1. Yes, I got the same call last Friday and said exactly the same thing. They probably think we colluded. Also told them the MINI Execs and their families were great. Real People! Wish I could do it again.

  2. Argh, you people are killing me! Ian, I was the one you met at Lime Rock that was suppose to get their car in NJ, but something happened either at the dealer or with MINI and wasn’t able to get it. Hearing all these good things about the GP gets me more anxious to drive it and I don’t even know exactly when I’ll be getting it.
    Although all these good things people are saying about MINI and the experience, so far for me not knowing when this car is coming, is becoming really frustrating!!! Oh well, I can only hope that when it does come that it’s half as good as everyone says it is.

    Waiting impatiently,
    COOPS from CT

  3. Hey pbraun, is that you Peter? Yeah, not frustrated with you guys, I’m frustrated with MINI corporate and the lack of info they’re giving you.

  4. Yeah, it’s me, yo! πŸ™‚ Yeah, we are sometimes, too.
    It certainly isn’t easy always, but better than trying to get the government to move on anything.
    I waited 2 years to get my first new MINI (after putting a deposit now.) This delay now is only down to a month and a half! Wait? sure – for a GP, no problema ! Jeff – we just got roof numbers the other day – yours will be our lowest one, # 0239. Now you can make up tee shirts, coffee mugs, do topiary and all that before it comes! See ? time is on your side!

  5. Hey, thanks Peter, finally some type of news! Just curious, what are the other numbers and can I track the car yet, as I did with my current car?

    Thanks again.

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